Welcome to kent's first wool processing mill


Spinning Earth Wool is the brainchild of Della Newman, with over 35 years’ experience working with woollen textiles. The company has been set up in conjunction with the Wye Community Farm, and has a strong ethos of rural regeneration and  community involvement. 

Processing raw sheep’s wool to tailored felted fabric for

Creating Unique handmade items featuring the individual characteristics of the sheep that donated their wool

At the Woolshed, we are able to take your raw fleece and transform it into usable fibre for spinning or felting, embellishment or stuffing, whether you wish to enjoy the creative process yourself or diversify your farming income by selling your prepared fleece to local crafters.

We offer funded places on our sustainable textiles training course and occasionally run experiential woolshed tours

Support the revival of natural fibres for health and environment by visiting our