About US

Spinning Earth Wool is the brainchild of Della Newman, who has been working with woollen textiles with over 35 years’ experience. The company has been set up in conjunction with the Wye Community Farm, and has a strong ethos of rural regeneration and  community involvement. 

Our Company

In today’s plastic filled world, many people are asking how they can make a difference. The textiles industry is one of the biggest polluters with the normalisation of fast fashion using plastic derivatives in many of its products. These unnatural fibres produce micro plastics in their washing and disposal process which harm the environment.
Spinning Earth Wool is a Community based business that strives to provide Natural, wool based products ‘from lamb to label’, giving the consumer another option. We create unique, handmade products that will be your friend for years to come. Being Community based, we are striving to involve people from all different backgrounds and abilities through volunteering and courses to pass on endangered craft skills and hopefully soon, employment for local people.

Through our focus on wool we are also bringing awareness to the worth of wool as a resource and encouraging small holders with rare breed sheep to continue their flocks as these breeds often have fleeces better suited to spinning and felting. As it currently stands the cost of sheering sheep for welfare is more than the money gained from selling fleeces, resulting in thousands of fleeces being burned each year. Such a useful fibre needs it’s time to shine once more.

Next steps in our development

We will shortly be obtaining felting equipment which will help us turn your fleece into felted fabric. Please register your interest in this project so we can work with you during our trial period to develop the right products for you.

Our future ambition is to acquire spinning equipment, to complete our range of processes to offer the first Mini-Mill service here in Kent. If this is a service which would interest you, please contact us with your details, breed(s) of sheep and how what weight of fibre you would need processed.