Fibre Processing Service

At the Woolshed, we are able to take your raw fleece and transform it into useable fibre for spinning or felting, embellishment or stuffing, whether your wish to enjoy the creative process yourself or diversify your farming income by selling your prepared fleece to local crafters.

The process

  1. First we sort and grade the fleece on a grid table to eliminate as much small vegetable matter, daggings and second cuts as possible.
  2. The fleece is sorted by its different grades and places into barrels ready for it to be scoured of the lanoline fats in large wash tanks. We use detergents that are kind to the environment, and our hot water is produced using energy from our solar panels.
  3. After extracting the water in our spinnerets, the fibres are air-dried on grid racking.
  4. We pick open the fibres on our swing picker – this also helps to blend the colours on multi-coloured fleeces, and removes further particles and short fibres from the fleece. Fibre for stuffing can be used at this point.
  5. For spinning and felting purposes, we pass the fibres through our carding machine, which aligns the fibres and blends them further. Two passes through the machine are normal. This produces large ‘batts’ of carded fibre, ready to use.


Pricing for this service is £25 per kg incoming weight.

to arrange processing

You can use this contact form to arrange details – please let us know the quantity of fleece and when you would like to deliver it to us (this can be done by courier or in person by arrangement). We will let you know our timescales. Fleece processing is subject to certain terms and conditions – please check these before contacting us.

            Please Note:
Fleece should be clean, dry and free from moth infestation, faeces, large amounts of straw/vegetation, felting, or foreign matter.
Fleece should be delivered to us by prior arrangement in clean sealed identifiable bags.
A covering letter with the owners and animal details and processing requirements should be attached to the outside of one of the bags.
Fleeces may be delivered by carrier or personally (by prior appointment).
Fleeces which are subject to moth infestation will be destroyed. Where cleaning and grading of fleece has not been completed by the customer a further charge may be levied.
When the nature of the fleece prevents us from producing the product requested by the customer we reserve the right to charge on a prorata basis for the processes completed.

We reserve the right to refuse any fleece which we feel is of unsuitable quality.
A deposit of £10.00 per fleece should be enclosed with the covering instructions.
On completion of the processing an invoice will be supplied and payment must be cleared before goods are dispatched.
All invoices must be paid within 14 days.
Completed orders may be collected in person or sent by carrier at the customers expense.
Any order not collected within six weeks without prior arrangement will be forfeit.
Payment may be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Cheques will require clearance prior to collection of or dispatch of goods.

Next steps in our development

We will shortly be obtaining felting equipment which will help us turn your fleece into felted fabric. Please register your interest in this project so we can work with you during our trial period to develop the right products for you.

Our future ambition is to acquire spinning equipment, to complete our range of processes to offer the first Mini-Mill service here in Kent. If this is a service which would interest you, please contact us with your details, breed(s) of sheep and how what weight of fibre you would need processed.