Eco Cleaning Cloths


Go green in your kitchen or shower with our pure felted wool eco cleaning cloths

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Go green in the kitchen with our long-lasting pure felted wool eco-scubbies!

Made from the sheared wool of high-welfare sheep stocks, these scrubbies will get your dishes clean and last for ages. As an added eco-friendly bonus, once they are past their best they can be composted. Not just for your dishes, these cloths can be used for anything a commercial sponge would be used for, or even as a gentle but naturally exfoliating wash-cloth for your skin.

Scrubbies are made with our ‘seconds’ wool. This is the wool we sort from our ‘best’ wool which doesn’t quite make the grade for clothing cloth. It is still great quality wool but may contain small bits of vegetable matter or other imperfections. This helps us reduce waste and make the most of the magical natural resources the sheep from Wye Community Farm offer year-on-year. Because of this, the cloths you receive may vary in colour and source breed from season to season according to the availability of fibre. You might receive anything from creamy whites to darkest browns. The scrubbies pictured are from the farms biscuity coloured Manx Loughton stock.

Our Eco-Cleaning cloths are sold in packs of 3, and where possible will be shipped in recycled packaging.

Each Scrubby is a generous 18cm x 12.5cm (7.5″ x 5″), about double the surface size of a commercial dish sponge.

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12.5 × 0.5 cm


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