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Take a walk on the woolly side!

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Walk on a cloud!

Our pure felted wool inner soles are eco-friendly, naturally antibacterial and most importantly, very comfortable! One size fits most- our inner soles can easily be cut down to fit any shape and size of shoe or boot.

Inner soles are made with our ‘seconds’ wool. This is the wool we sort from our ‘best’ wool which doesn’t quite make the grade for clothing cloth. It is still great quality wool but may contain small bits of vegetable matter or other imperfections. This helps us reduce waste and make the most of the magical natural resources the sheep from Wye Community Farm offer year-on-year. Because of this, the inner soles you receive may vary in colour and source breed from season to season according to the availability of fibre. You might receive anything from creamy whites to darkest browns. The inner soles pictured are from Welsh Badger face (Grey) and Zwartbles (dark brown) Sheep. 

Each package contains 2 pure wool inner soles.

Take a walk on the woolly side!


Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 0.5 cm


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