Pincushion/ Lavender Cushion from the Farm 10cm


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Options: Wye Chalk Crown – Spinning Wheel – White Sheep –Black Sheep.

These small collectables are printed on 100% cotton fabric and filled with the scoured wool from the farm flock.  A truly natural alternative to the mass micro plastic fibre options.

The iconic Wye crown carved in the side of the down land around which we farm, places us in the landscape of outstanding natural beauty.

The ultimate characters are our Wensleydale sheep – the black one is called Hessian and the white one is Herb and we love their curly wool. Guaranteed to bring a smile to any interior!

And of course our wool project must-have is the Spinning Wheel for which every wool and yarn addict needs in their interior design!

Pin cushions £6:50

Lavender cushions £8:50

For the Lavender option our Lavender is sourced locally in Kent. Both options have pure scoured eco friendly wool from the farm.  Great for moth prevention.


Black sheep hessian, white sheep Herb, Spinning Wheel, Wye Crown


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